School Systems

With significant energy demands and high energy costs, public and private school systems, as well as colleges and universities can benefit greatly from renewable energy technology. The reality is that many schools don't have the resources allocated to handle these activities. Volt Energy can provide a turnkey solution that makes it easy for your school to invest in clean energy.

Why Schools Should "Go Green"

Solar Energy systems are excellent as nearly all schools have high electricity use and large roofs on which to mount systems. Using solar power in schools not only saves energy, but it also provides a valuable teaching aid through hands on learning. Students learn best when they are engaged and inspired. Imagine the learning potential when the school building itself becomes an interactive teaching tool, educating the next generation of sustainable leaders through hands-on learning.

Most systems we install have a visual display linked to them to explain what is occurring, and some have data loggers and computer links for use in the classroom. Often schools will launch an energy awareness campaign when the system is installed, and have an assembly to start the process where we come and explain to the children what being solar powered means to their school.

Volt Energy's Educational Team can assist your school with customized renewable energy learning program.