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The U.S. Military is exploring solar options to be used in the field

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The United States Marine Corps plans to use GREENS toolkits to stay powered in Afghanistan.  Read more about how GREENS toolkits work and how they will hopefully make the U.S. military more energy independent:

J.R. Ewing quit the oil business?

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J.R. Ewing will forever be remembered as the cut throat and filthy rich oil tycoon on the television show “Dallas.”  I doubt we will ever see a “Dallas” reunion show where Ewing pledges to stop using oil to power his home, and instead use solar energy.  Ewing may never abandon fossil fuel for solar energy, but the actor that played him did.  Larry Hagman installed solar panels at his 46-acre estate in California in 2003, and he has been an advocate for solar energy ever since.  Click the link to hear the “Son of Solar” (Hagman) describe his solar panel system and the amazing amount he saves on his annual electric bill:

Each Megawatt of solar PV systems deployed annually in the US = 25 new jobs!!

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It is no secret that solar photovoltaic (PV) systems help reduce this nation's carbon footprint.  But did you know that these systems also help create new jobs here in the United States that cannot be sent overseas.  How often do we see an industry create new jobs that cannot be farmed out to other cities, states or countries?  Constituents need to lobby their legislators to pass legislation that encourages small and large businesses to install solar and wind systems.  Read Congressional testimony from the CEO of a solar installation company:

Senator Solar Sanders

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Senator Solar Sanders - Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has certainly heard the Earth’s S O S.  In just only his 4th year as a U.S. senator he has managed to sponsor and introduce legislation that can reduce the country’s carbon footprint, create jobs & help the U.S. economy rebound.  In February 2010, Senator Sanders introduced Senate Bill number 2993, “10 Million Solar Roofs & 10 Million Gallons of Solar Hot Water Act”.  The bill calls for 10 million solar panels and 10 million gallons of solar hot water systems to be installed on residential, commercial and government properties across the United States.   Within the next 10 years the solar panels would produce 30,000 new megawatts of electricity. This amount of energy is equivalent to the output of 30 nuclear power plants.  However, it is extremely more cost-effective. The program is estimated to cost anywhere between $2-3 billion per year, and it would create thousands of green jobs all over the country.  The combination of federal and state tax incentives help ease the energy woes of small and large businesses.  It’s a win-win for the Earth and the economy.     

Let Senator Sanders tell you more in his own words:

Oil Spill Prompts Call for Wind and Solar

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I found this fascinating quote today:

Sierra Club President Michael Brune has been the most vocal in recent interviews and in a blog on Bloomberg about the need for alternate energy saying there is no safe way to drill for oil in the oceans. “This disaster is an impetus to halt our dependence on oil completely and move to a clean energy future fast. Cost-benefit analysis shows this is the smart approach. President Barack Obama and Congress need to develop a clear, ambitious vision for weaning us off our addiction to oil within, say, 20 years. Dirty fuels are undermining our national security and contributing to the future disasters that climate disruption will bring.”, Oil Spill Prompts Call for Wind and Solar, May 2010